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Types Of Tableware


Often, there is a discrepancy between the size of one's personal cutlery collection and the parts that actually sit on the table. Be honest. How many times have you used an elaborate cake stand? Or how about that oversized bowl that could have been used for a grand salad or curry? Next, the dinnerware supplier will share the following content with you.


We usually think we need more dinnerware than we actually do until we start picking through our collection and realise how many pieces are actually essential. But whether you are curating a new collection or downsizing an existing one, ask yourself these two questions before you start - what kind of food will I be making regularly and how many people are usually sitting at my table?



Did you know that there are different categories under cutlery?

Cutlery, also known as tableware or crockery, is the tableware used to set the table, serve and display food. It includes cutlery, glassware, tableware and other items used for practical and decorative purposes. Tableware is used to set the table for eating or serving. It can be made of glass, ceramic, earthenware, earthenware or porcelain.


The nature of tableware varies according to religion, culture and cuisine. It can be divided into four types - cutlery, tableware, silverware, drinkware or glassware. Whether for everyday use or for large gatherings, there is a piece of tableware for every occasion. These are the four types of cutlery and how to use them!


1. Serving

Serving software is used for serving. This category includes serving bowls, platters, salad bowls, dessert bowls, casseroles, stock pots, teapots and any other dishes used to bring food to the table. Utensils such as spoons, ladles, large tongs and containers used for serving drinks (e.g. asphalt) are also included in this category.


2. Tableware

Tableware, also known as porcelain or earthenware, consists of any item that is used for individual meals at meal times. Tableware includes a range of cutlery, from basic plates and bowls to more specific dishes with unique shapes, colours and sizes to suit specific purposes. The dining process will influence the choice and arrangement of cutlery. It is usually made from materials such as melamine, porcelain, glass, coarse earthenware or pottery.


3. Silverware

Silverware, also known as cutlery, consists of cutlery such as spoons, forks and knives. They may vary in size and shape, depending on the variety. Silverware is available at different price points, so you can choose according to your budget.


4. Drinkware

Drinkware is used to describe any item that can be drunk from. This type of tableware includes cups, glasses and mugs. Drinkware comes in different shapes and sizes and specific glasses are usually chosen depending on the theme of the drink or occasion.

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