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Is Porcelain Dinnerware Durable?


For millions of years, porcelains have been used to create decorative kitchenware. In the ceramics family, porcelain is the supreme material. Porcelain was first invented in China and has informally come to be known as “china” or “fine china”.


The finer the china, the more expensive the product becomes. The properties of porcelain such as strength, elasticity, permeability and translucency has made porcelain a very durable kitchenware and a complete value of money. Other than these, they are also popular and a good choice to make because of the following reasons:

1. Heat Resistant

Porcelain is an excellent and very practical material for microwave or oven dishes because it distributes the heat through the elements evenly. The heat resistant nature of porcelain can be proven by it being fired at very high temperature during its creation. Porcelain is suitable for use in ovens, microwaves and freezers.

Porcelain Rader Designed Pad Print Tableware

 Porcelain Rader Designed Pad Print Tableware

2. Durable

Despite its fragile appearance, porcelain is one of the strongest and most durable dinnerwares you should consider getting. Dinnerware made of Porcelain is durable and nonporous due to it being fired at a very high temperature during its creation.


3. Non-Stick & Easy To Clean

Due to its fine smooth glassy texture, porcelain provides users with ease during plating and cleaning after dinner. With just water and dish soap you can get grease stains off instantly.


4. Versatile

Porcelain tableware come in different colours, shapes and sizes. Making it suitable for any events and occasions. You can experiment and play around with different colours and see how it matches the theme of the meal.

Porcelain Serveware

 Porcelain Serveware

5. Huge Selection Options & Affordable

Porcelain tableware is a great buy as comes in different variations of colours, shapes and sizes. Porcelain allows you to get a bang for your buck with the ability to explore different dining styles with a limited budget. You can aim for a classy style or maybe get some colours on your dining table.


Give your kitchen a makeover by using porcelain kitchen wares that not only give you a visually pleasing appearance but also these numerous benefits that we have talked about.


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Owning porcelain kitchenware was a mark of aristocracy in the olden times but with the advancement of the era, you can now buy porcelain wares at very affordable prices.


One such companies is Huiyu which offers the best quality porcelain at affordable prices.We have our own excellent designer, QC and export teams, which supply beautiful designs, assure good quality and simplify the export process.


Buyers' designs and OEM orders are welcome. If necessary, you can be allowed to mix different material items together for one order or container. 


As a dinnerware supplier, Huiyu tableware is one of the best places to find the perfect tableware, as we offer the best quality at affordable prices. Our main products are Fine bone china, porcelain products, Stoneware, New bone china and thermal glass items. For more information on the tableware company Huiyu products, welcome to contact us today or request a quote. 



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