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How To Purchase Porcelain Dinnerware?


No matter how many dinnerware materials are available each year, to this day porcelain remains the best dinnerware material.

With the advent of new materials for manufacturing dinnerware, porcelain has become one of the choices often overlooked for convenience compared to melamine or plastic.

Despite the endless options, to this day, porcelain still proves itself to be the best material for dinnerware, being not only durable, easy to use and clean, but also more environmentally friendly when compared to plastic and melamine. If you are one of those people who realize the beauty of using porcelain dinnerware, you can reverse this trend. In this article, we'll do just that by examining the key points about porcelain and the aspects to consider when buying it.

Porcelain Serveware

 Porcelain Serveware

What Is Porcelain?

Porcelain is just a type of ceramic. However, unlike traditional ceramic, the clay used to create porcelain is very refined. It’s also hardened at higher temperatures.

This is why porcelain is stronger, less porous, and more durable than regular ceramic. It also has a higher density and a higher level of mechanical (crack and chip) resistance.

People also buy porcelain because it’s more appealing and perfect for special occasions and events. This cookware is made of kaolin, clay, quartz sand, and feldspar. However, it can also contain other materials like petuntse, bone ash, granite, glass, steatite, ball clay, alabaster, etc.

The key trait of porcelain is translucence. It’s often very translucent and white, meaning, you can see the light going through it. Other ceramic cookware doesn’t feature this trait.

They’re more opaque. Porcelain can also be used as a layer on cast iron tools since it creates a chemical-free and non-stick coating for things like braisers and ovens.

Hotel White Serving Plate

 Hotel White Serving Plate

How to purchase porcelain dinnerware?

1. Manufacturers

It is vital that you buy your dinnerware from a reputable porcelain dinnerware supplier such as Huiyu dinnerware. Reputable, quality porcelain dinnerware companies ensure that they produce the best dinnerware from the highest quality porcelain that will stand the test of time, and have spare pieces in case one piece of china in your set is damaged.

2. Cost

Although melamine and plastic dinnerware cost less than porcelain tableware. A porcelain dinnerware set is always a good investment because it is worth every penny for its durability, quality and style. Not only is it stylish at your table, but it also highlights the colors of your food, making your dinner experience more enjoyable than ever.

3. Pattern

Your decision to purchase porcelain dinnerware will be greatly influenced by your personal preference in design and visual imagery. The options for ceramic dinnerware sets are endless as it comes in different sizes, shapes, patterns, textures and decorations. It can be as simple as a plain white design or as intricate as a polka dot pattern embellished with different decorations, there really is no limit. Some porcelain dinnerware, such as Huiyu dinnerware, even allows you to create custom dinnerware so you can eat dinner in your own style.

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