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How To Buy Dinnerware?


We recommend that you view dinnerware in person before you buy to determine if the weight, size, shape and design are right for you. It is difficult to see the true color and shape of each piece by viewing the pictures online - and it is impossible to check for defects. The following is a list of the most important things to check when you purchase dinnerware in a store.


Are the pieces the right size?

Before you go to the store, measure the inside of your cabinets and microwave to make sure the dinner plates fit. Remember to bring a tape measure to the store to double check the size of the plates. It's also a good idea to bring a set of dinnerware to make sure it's proportional to your choice of dishes. As you consider the size of each piece, also make sure it fits your diet.




Does the flatware match your existing tableware?

If you are using a white tablecloth, keep a napkin handy to compare its color to that of your dinnerware. The same goes for any white tableware you have: bring a small plate or bowl with you to see if the colors match. If the color is slightly off, your dinnerware or cutlery will look dirty.


How heavy is it?

Some people prefer heavy cutlery, while others prefer lighter cutlery. Choose your favorite, but hold up a bunch of plates in the store to get an idea of how much of a hassle it will be to retrieve them from the cupboard.

New Bone China Rim Shape Gold Decal Design 20pcs Dinner Set

New Bone China Rim Shape Gold Decal Design 20pcs Dinner Set

Are the cups comfortable to hold?

Test the cup or teacup handles to see how comfortable they are to hold. Also, check to see if the cup is so narrow that its rim touches the bridge of your nose when you sip.


Minor imperfections are normal for most dinnerware in the $30 to $60 range, but you should avoid any that have serious flaws. Look at a stack of plates and make sure they are evenly placed. Check all pieces under the light to check for drips, pitting, scratches or cracks in the glaze.


How is the set sold?

Look for kits that can be used to purchase open stock; this allows you to pick what you need and easily replace damaged parts along the way. However, if the kit is also available as a place setting, be sure to compare prices - it may be cheaper to purchase the complete set than to buy each piece individually. If you choose to get place settings, make sure they contain the parts you want and have no extras you won't use.

New Bone China Waved Rim Leaf 20pcs Dinner Set

New Bone China Waved Rim Leaf 20pcs Dinner Set


How long has the collection been around?

Ask the salesperson how long the set has been sold to find out how long it will last. Dinnerware sets that have been on the market for several years are more likely to remain in stock in the future, which will make it easier for you to replace them or add to your set in the future. However, if you favor modern dinnerware with thin edges, keep in mind that it may not last as long as wide-rimmed dinnerware because it is a relatively new design.

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