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How Can I Identify Bone China


What's the difference between bone china and porcelain? Here are 5 simple ways to find out.



Compare the weight of other porcelain with that of bone china. Porcelain is generally heavier and bone china is lighter, based on the same shape.



Distinguished by its shape, bone china is thinner, smoother and more transparent than porcelain due to differences in process and raw materials.

Porcelain Embossed 16pcs Dinner Set

 Porcelain Embossed 16pcs Dinner Set


Holding the cup directly up to the light and checking that the light penetrates the walls of the bone china product is usually the most effective way to identify bone china.



(holding the bone china bowl up to the light)



High-grade bone china is fine and dense with a smooth surface and a glossy glaze, with a milky white appearance. The higher the ashes content, the closer it is to milky white, and conversely, when the ashes content is low, it has a more pronounced yellow colour.



Listen to the sound of clicking, porcelain is more of a thick sound, when two bowls collide, there is a "ding" sound, basically no echo, but if you put two high-grade bone china bowls on the plane of the bowl hands touching, there will be a "bang" sound and echo, just like ringing a bell.

New Bone China Rim Shape Gold Decal Design 20pcs Dinner Set

New Bone China Rim Shape Gold Decal Design 20pcs Dinner Set

The difference between bone china and new bone china

Although the whiteness and smoothness of new bone china is similar to bone china, the raw materials and texture are very different from bone china.

Raw Material

Bone china contains over 36% bone ash, while new bone china does not have any added bone ash.


As mentioned earlier, bone china is fired twice, while New Bone China, like other porcelains, is fired once.

Other characteristics

Compared to New Bone China, bone china has a softer white appearance, is more transparent, and is lighter. It has a much better appearance than New Bone China.


The advantage of new bone china over bone china is its price. New Bone China products are priced lower than bone china.

When international buyers ask for a quote about bone china, if they are not careful enough, they may get a rather low quote and they are happy that the quote is actually about new bone china products.

Therefore, it is important to understand the differences and to be clear about this when buying bone china products.


How do I care for my bone china products?

As bone china is a premium tableware, hand washing is highly recommended and bone china is, by its nature, easy to clean.

Temperature is important, wash with water at a temperature below 80 degrees Celsius.


Washing PH

Do not use it in a microwave oven.

Avoid drastic temperature changes.

Avoid scratches.


Is bone china dishwasher safe?

There is no fixed answer to this question. Some bone china products can be dishwasher tested. Some do not. Although some commercial sellers claim that their bone china dishes are dishwasher safe, we recommend that you wash them by hand.


Is bone china microwave safe?

In many cases, bone china cutlery is microwave safe, but if your cutlery is decorated with gold trim (see below), it is not safe to put it in the microwave! The heat from inside the oven can cause the gold wire to burst, creating an unnecessary safety hazard.

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