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Bone China Tableware Makes You Understand Life Better


Although the beginning of 2020 is really difficult, it has finally given us the opportunity to slow down our lives. In the period before this, various gourmets have emerged in the circle of friends, hidden Michelin chefs, advanced plate-making experts, dark chefs, etc.When everyone is drying food, the beautiful tableware also shows the beauty of life in three meals a day.

The Japanese gourmet artist Kita Lu Shanren once said: "Utensils are the clothes for cooking", so the relationship between food and tableware is not a simple chemical reaction between lips and teeth.

Good-looking tableware can be a souvenir during a trip, a holiday or birthday gift, or a motivation to expand the cooking skills. If the cooking skills are too difficult to achieve, a good tableware may be a quick way to enhance the dining experience.

 Flower-Shaped Dinner Set

Let me give you some tips on tableware selection:

1. Bone china is light and thin in texture and wear-resistant; white porcelain is affordable and durable, and can be bought anywhere, you can choose according to your needs.

2. Chinese food cannot avoid dishes with soup or thickening, so it is recommended to choose deep dishes.

3. Choose 8 inch ~ 9.5 inches for the dinner plate, that is, the diameter of about 20cm ~ 24cm is more suitable.

Bone china tableware

Bone china tableware refers to tableware made of bone china, generally including bowls, plates, spoons, spoons, stew cups, etc. Bone china is a kind of porcelain, so bone china tableware looks very similar to ceramic tableware in appearance.

However, bone china is completely different from ceramics. Bone china is currently the only high-end porcelain recognized in the world. It is a symbol of power and status, and is known as the king of porcelain! The manufacturing process of bone china is complicated. It is made by high temperature bisque firing and low temperature firing. The bone charcoal content of good bone china on European standards is more than 40%.

Bone china tableware generally uses "head" as the unit of measurement. Common sets include 56 heads, 28 heads, etc. The average price of genuine bone china tableware is around 1,000 yuan, depending on the number of heads, but in general, because of the originality and craftsmanship More complicated, so the price is more expensive than ceramics.

Characteristics of high-quality bone china tableware

The porcelain is milky white, thin, delicate and transparent, the shape is beautiful and elegant, and the color surface is moist and bright. It is beaten with a porcelain spoon or flicked with your fingers, and the sound is clear and loud, with a reverberation.

This flower-shaped dinner set (20 per set) can decorate your table layout, made of high-quality new bone china materials, very suitable for daily use or any special occasions. This is also a great gift idea for your loved one.If you want to get more information about good quality bone china tablewares ,please contact us.

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